About Us

We don’t know who you are. We don’t know what you want. If you are looking to market your brand, we can tell you we don’t own the media. But what we do have are a very particular set of skills that we have acquired over a long time period working with clients from various verticals. Skills that make us a go-to agency for brands like yours. If quality work is what you want, take a  look at the work we have done so far, that’ll be the end of it. We are not the run-of-the-mill business trying to catch a prey in the form of a client. We will ask you pointed questions, will strive to understand your requirement and market fully. We will not leave you in peace until we are convinced and then, we will offer you a solution that you will find difficult to refuse.

Varun Varadarajan
Chief Executive Officer


Varun loves language and communication. Not just through words, but by telling stories through designs, words and photographs in every marketing communication he works on. After working for a couple of startups and advertising agencies, he wanted to fill the gap that marketing has in terms of what the brand wants to convey and what the marketing communication says. Hence, he founded Productive Solutions.

In fact, Varun found his true love for visual communication and linguistic skills when it dawned on him that he was essentially right-brained, after struggling and sweating with Maths-Physics-Chemistry in his high school!

When he is not browsing social media platforms for work, you will find him browsing social media platforms for entertainment. On the rare occasions, he breaks this addiction, you will find him at movie halls or exploring new eateries with spoons or going around knifing terrorists (in Counter-Strike).

Deepika Arun
Chief Operations Officer

An Engineer by degree, a ten-pointer by academic merits, a hard-core strategist by skills and a child educator at heart, Deepika dons multiple roles in her life.

At Productive Solutions, she balances the left-brainers with her right brain with her attention to details and the importance she gives to process and operations. Her presence makes a huge positive difference to the clients she works with.

Deepika offered her namaskar to Engineering rather belatedly after completing her degree. In personal life, she is a personal servant to her KG going girl child. She often behaves like a kid herself when you present her anything Harry Potter related or a brand new board game.

Anirudh Nair
Sr. Visualizer

Anirudh manages everything design in Productive Solutions and our clients love him for his quirky take on creatives! Being a comic book nerd, growing up reading comic books gave him a unique advantage: A natural leaning towards art and a strive for artistic perfection.

With a geographical history that could make Columbus proud, he is now settled and works from Bangalore along with his two cats: Toni and Fritz, whose un-satiable hunger makes him more of a hard worker than he anyway is.

Hari Sriram
Digital Strategist

As a person who is constantly curious and open to being amazed by everything the world has to offer, he constantly comes up with new ideas, explores new communication routes and is a pandora’s box of content strategy. Mechanical Engineer by degree, Digital Marketer by passion and an aspiring Business Strategist, he does the day-to-day handling of everything that goes on Facebook for our clients and does it with style!

He can often be spotted with a cup of coffee (irrespective of the time of the day), stalking businesses on Social Media, watching Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer play, reading about Startups or laughing at dark comedy!